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Large Format Printing

Billboards, Building Wraps, Flying Banners

Our large format printing covers Billboard printing, Building wraps and Aerial banners. We have divided these into two main sections:

1. Building Advertising

We have added a few photos of finished installations for you to get an idea of the type of sign board printing and large outdoor building signage we specialise in:

Building signage and Installation

These include examples of large format posters and building signage installed on the outside of businesses. ie. the walls, roofs etc.

Outdoor Billboard Printing and Flighting

Outdoor advertising can become costly. Our quality billboard printing and installation prices will leave you more than satisfied.

Building Wraps Johannesburg and beyond

Large signs used for building wrap advertising can be displayed on one or more sides of a structure such as a wall.. or the entire building if needed.

2. Aerial Advertising

Flying helicopter banner in the sky!

  • Print Impact has another surprise… if you’ve seen the recent NetFlix flying banner over Johannesburg, you’ve been part of an advertising campaign that aims to amaze.
  • We also recently printed a helicopter banner for the current Cape Town water crisis. #defeatdayzero